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Consultation Services

Our diverse, interdisciplinary behavioral health team provides a range of consultation and collaboration services within schools (primary, secondary and higher education), institutions and businesses, and in community settings. Please contact us to inquire about any of the programs and services offered below.

Mindfulness Programs for Businesses and Institutions. We provide mindfulness groups, trainings and activities for individuals, teams, and leaders in a variety of workplaces and organizations. These groups and trainings focus on ways in which employees can improve focus, productivity, and communication in the workplace, as well as how to engage in mindful leadership. (link to mindful leadership program under mindfulness)

EAP Programs. GOC offers EAP (employee assistance programs) modeled to address the distinctive needs of a particular organization. Our services assist employees and their families in addressing challenges in the workplace as well as home and the surrounding community.

Healthy Finances Program. This program is for individuals, couples, families who need assistance in managing their finances in more effective and responsible ways. The program is directed by Michael Goldberg, who has both a CPA and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, utilizing a brief therapy model that provides clients with immediate solutions and long-term development programs for personal well-being. The program also assists small and family-owned businesses that are experiencing internal conflict around issues such as finances, status differences, strategic planning, succession issues and personnel.

Workshops and Presentations.  Many of our behavioral health professionals are seasoned presenters and speakers, providing workshops on a variety of mental-health related topics for groups, institutions or organizations. They also provide CE-credit programs for licensed professionals.

College Counseling Services. GOC’s long history of providing college and high school counseling services demonstrates our ability to meet a variety of organizational needs. We can provide individual counselors, or can manage a complete counseling program on your site, complete with outreach.

Consultation Services in Schools. When treating children, consultation with educators and administrators who are involved in a child’s learning process is crucial. Our providers offer a variety of consulting services, including speaking to teachers and administrators and classroom observations (all with written permission by the child’s parent/guardians). We will also attend IEP meetings to provide information about a client, and to be a liaison between the child’s schools and caregivers. In addition, we believe that it is essential that we collaborate with a child’s primary care physician (again, with permission) to apprise them of treatment plans and progress. Our school consultation services also include workshops and educational trainings for teachers and administrators on behavioral health issues in children.