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Devine Anita

Devine Anita

Anita Devine, LCSW

Perhaps you struggle with self doubt, perfectionism or guilt? Maybe you are feeling triggered in everyday situations, and at times feel alone and isolated. The gifts of your true self, your life purpose, seem to be overshadowed by the experiences of the past. One thing for sure, you are ready for some relief. You are ready to enjoy deeper relationship with yourself and others without your past getting in the way. Most of all you are ready to love who you truly are, and to face your future with hope. Change can be difficult, and I invite you let me gently and skillfully guide you in this process.

Working together in a space where you’ll feel safe and validated, you’ll gain deeper respect for what makes you unique. I am an experiential therapist,. I work with a somatic focus, and a mindfulness foundation. I trained extensively in AEDP, EMDR, Trauma focused therapy, and parts work (IFS informed). Currently training at Gottman Institute of Couples Therapy.

Whatever your challenges are, you can recognize, work through, and leave behind self-limiting beliefs and patterns. My practice consists mostly of individuals, children, families and couples committed to creating harmony, wholeness and self acceptance.. I invite you to schedule time with me, to explore how you can create lasting change, and a vibrant, purposeful, healthy life.

I work with clients who may be struggling with depression or anxiety related to their day to day experiences, relationships or family. During our initial sessions, we will delve deeply into the issues at hand, and collaborate to create a plan for addressing them in a way that helps you get your life back. Most of my clients see a gradual lifting of symptoms within the first month and sustained improvement thereafter.