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Sizer PhD, Diane

Sizer PhD, Diane

Diane Sizer, PhD.


I received a BS degree from La Salle University in 1985, an MS degree in General/Experimental Psychology from Villanova University in 1988, and a PhD degree from Bryn Mawr College in 1993. My unique educational experiences have greatly influenced my work as a psychologist. I was educated in the scientist/practitioner model of psychology, which has sharpened my ability to think critically in order to assess, diagnose, and treat psychological and learning disorders. I currently specialize in psychological testing, and the diagnosis and treatment of childhood disorders including learning disabilities, ADHD, and other disruptive behavior disorders. Furthermore, I have an expertise in aiding families to support “unmotivated” students.

In addition to my clinical work, I coordinate and oversee psychological testing and tutoring services. I also supervise psychology graduate students, post-doctoral residents, and beginning therapists. However, the passion and driving force behind all of my work derives from my role as family therapist. I recognize the family as the single, most important influence in a child’s life, and I am very dedicated to assisting families in supporting the healthy development of their children into adulthood.