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GOC Groups 

GOC offers a variety groups which run at different times through the year. Below is a list of our current groups. If you would like more information on group availability please fill out the Information Request Form below or call GOC at 215-947-8654 and press option 5. A group coordinator will contact you to provide more specific information, and, if appropriate, help you register for your group. Please note that some of our groups run all year round, while others may not begin until the groups are full.

Social Skills Groups

Registration Code: SS101
Our traditional social skills groups offer the opportunity for individuals with social learning challenges to practice their social skills with peers in a playful, supportive environment. Using a variety of approaches including developmental play therapy, RDI™, and Social Thinking™, our therapists help children and teens to more successfully connect with their peers, improve conversation skills, practice reading social cues, and increase their social problem-solving abilities. Groups meet for an hour each week in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Registration Code: SS102
GOC offers adult social skills groups, which allow participants with social learning challenges to confide in each other, share their struggles, and learn new skills. The young adult group pays special attention to issues in the transition from high school to higher education or the work world. Our general adult group helps individuals develop the skills needed to initiate and sustain fulfilling relationships, as well as to cope with stress effectively. Groups meet weekly year-round.

DBT Skills Group

Registration Code for Multifamily Groups (Teens and Parents/Guardians):DBT101
Registration Code for Teen Groups:DBT102
Registration Coe for Adults (Ages 18+):DBT103

In this group, individuals and families will help create a life worth living.  Sessions will focus on increasing self-awareness, regulating emotions, decreasing impulsivity, and identifying problems in relationships.

Concepts Discussed:

  • Core Mindfulness
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

For more information, contact Dr, Lynn Harrison 484-961-0080 Drlynnharrison@gmail.com or complete the form below.

Girl Gab Group Therapy

Registration Code: GGG101
Girl-Gab Group Therapy may be the solution for teens ages 12-18 who have changing family dynamics and relationships with parents (divorce, separation, new living situations), experience anxiety and depression, focus their worth on their social-media presence and appearance, don’t know how to cope with age-related problems, and are entering romantic relationships or struggling with friendships.  Drop your teens off for a 50-minute weekly group therapy session. Help them learn life-long skills to help them achieve their best life!

Course Overview and Objectives

Coping Skills 101: Help your teen create a “toolbox” of skills

  • Grounding Techniques for all scenarios
  • Anxiety skills (identify triggers and signs, and how to combat these feelings)
  • Skills to combat depressive symptoms (behavioral activation, DBT skills)

Communication Skills

  • Setting boundaries with friends, family, and others in their lives
  • Assertiveness: How and when to be assertive?

Discussion about Development

  • Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Emotional Expression
  • Self-Worth and Self-Esteem (social media too!)
  • Safety (on the internet, in person, and in stranger situations)

Group therapy is a powerful way to grow while being surrounded by others experiencing similar situations. I will email out updates throughout the course and will be happy to answer any questions. All conversations during sessions will be kept confidential unless there is a potential threat.

Information for Parents
For more information contact Sara, Fried, M.S. 484-455-4761 fried.goc@gmail.com or complete the form below. Facilitated by Growth Opportunity Center therapist under licensed supervision with experience with social skills groups and individual treatment.


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