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As part of the Center’s comprehensive treatment services, we have available several psychiatrists who can evaluate clients when medication may be considered helpful in addition to counseling and therapy. We are fortunate to have psychiatrists trained in the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults. GOC takes a “treatment team” approach to medication: if medication is part of a client’s treatment plan, our psychiatrists continue to provide medication management and consultation in collaboration with the therapist. If an individual who does not have a GOC therapist and wishes to see a GOC psychiatrist, the initial appointment will be made with a clinical psychologist, who will conduct the initial intake, assessment and diagnosis. That information will be used to connect the individual with the psychiatrist on our team who is best suited to address the individual’s challenges/diagnoses. Please note that individuals who receive medication management through our psychiatrists are expected to be in therapy. While we do not require that the therapist be a GOC clinician, when both the psychiatrist and the therapist are GOC providers, we have a greater ability to provide interprofessional collaboration on behalf of our clients.

For more information please fill out and submit our online intake form or contact us at 215-947-8654 option 5.