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Psychotherapy Services

The Growth Opportunity Center provides a full range and counseling and psychotherapy services for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. Many people are helped through specialized programs, using empirically supported techniques for coping with and managing specific difficulties. These include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-partum depression, relationship difficulties, autism spectrum and developmental disorders, trauma, bereavement and loss, interpersonal challenges, workplace stress, and difficult transitions. Our providers are credentialed with many of the major insurance carriers.

Click on Providers for more descriptions on our therapists and their areas of specialization and treatment. Or, visit our New Patients section and after you complete the intake form, we’ll be able to recommend a provider who is well suited to assist you.

Individual Therapy for Adults

GOC has several therapists who specialize in providing adult individual counseling from young adult throughout the age span, including older individuals and their caregivers. In addition to having clinicians with substantial experience working with a wide range of mental health difficulties, some of our clinicians focus specifically on understanding the needs of men, women, or individuals who identify themselves in other gender categories. Our clinicians are as diverse as our client base, and we pay special attention to providing each client with the care they need to manage their individual challenges and needs, providing multiculturally competent therapy that takes into account gender, ethnicity, cultural, disability, and other diversity issues. Our therapists operate from a wide range of theoretical models and techniques, including short-term therapy, CBT, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy. See our Providers section to find a therapist who best meets your specific needs.

Child, Adolescent and Family Services

Family therapy is integral to our work with children and adolescents. In working with children, we consider family to be the essential unit that holds the child. Our family therapy work involves a unique problem-solving, change-oriented approach that considers the daily challenges and situations families may face in life. The work also involves connecting and consulting with other external systems such as schools, social and extracurricular groups, and extended family, all in support of the nature and needs of the child. Each developmental stage for the child, as well as the family, provides distinct needs and challenges, and our work takes into account emotional, social and physical development. Our family and child services start at the pre-school stage, and continue through early childhood, school age, adolescence and late adolescence, supporting and helping children and families transition through each stage. Our work encompasses a wide range of difficulties that children and families face, including struggles with depression and anxiety, difficulties in sibling and peer relationships, school and academic difficulties, behavioral difficulties, discipline problems, social difficulties, risky behaviors, and parenting challenges. We also understand and address the specific challenges met by single, divorced and separated parents and their children, as well as by stepfamilies and non-traditional families.

Couples Therapy

We provide counseling service for couples who are having difficulties or considering divorce or separation, as well as for those who are considering marriage or partnership and wish to explore similarities and differences. When providing child and family services, we often meet with the parents together, regardless of their marital situation (e.g., together or separated/divorced), to work on parenting skills and address co-parenting challenges.

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