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Provider Directory

We offer easy ways to find a GOC provider best suited to fit your needs. You can scroll through the provider list below or search by provider name, specialty or general keywords using the quick search to the right (bottom of page on some mobile devices).

Mauriello, MS, LPC, CAC, Hank

Hank Mauriello, MS, LPC, CAC

McGettigan, Erica

Erica McGettigan, LPC


Mike Mulvihill, MS, LPC

Oakley, Michael

Michael Oakley, PsyD

Oluwabusi, Adeola

Adeola Oluwabusi, CRNP

otool, kee

Kee O’Toole, PsyD, MS

Pollak, MS, LCSW, BCD, Joan F.

Joan F Pollak MS, LCSW

Rogers MSW, LSW, Kiri K.

Kiri K. Rogers, MSW, LSW

Roof, Andrea

Andrea P. Roof, EdM, PsyD

Roth, LMFT, CAC, Kevin

Kevin Roth, LMFT, CAC, Gestalt Therapist.

Scena PsyD, Sherry

Sherry Scena, PsyD

Schultheis, Victoria

Victoria Schultheis, LPC

Sizer PhD, Diane

Diane Sizer, PhD.

Snellenburg-Kline MSS, LCSW, Janet

Janet Snellenburg-Kline MSS, LCSW

Stern, Eric

Eric Stern, M.Ed., LPC

straughn, s

Samantha Straughn, MS